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Below are brief summaries of my books and the links for you to enjoy.  At this moment, all books are only available through the Kindle library.​​  Check back soon for additional releases.​​​​​


     It's been two years since Eva Sokolov came home to join the local police force in hopes of putting to rest the unsolved mystery of her parents' brutal murder. But after all these years, the case is beyond cold. But things heat up when she responds to a swatting call at the high school and encounters the charmingly dorky math teacher, Nate Gardner. While the chemistry is undeniable, Eva is--by reputation--a cold and hardened woman with a talent for failed relationships. Secretly, she dons silk lingerie and loses herself in romance books.

     Her secrecy isn't limited to the undergarments she hides beneath her masculine uniform and bulletproof vest. She also is able to teleport, a skill she considers more of a risk than an asset. And given that her parents' killer has returned and is intent on trying to expose her and finish her off once and for all, she may be right.

Desire in the Demimonde
(Book 2 of The Demimonde Trilogy)

​   Justine Dixon was a socialite in the upper crust of Butte's society.  But when she foolishly fell for the seduction of a confidence man, she found herself broken and alone.  The Demimonde took her in and made her one of their own.  Now, nine years later, she is one of the most successful prostitutes of the Mercury Street parlor houses.  And she's made the mistake of falling in love with Jack Murphy, playboy and copper man.  

     Jack once valued his simple life.  He worked in the mine and spent his money on cards and women.  But now he is the assistant superintendent of the mine, torn between the concerns of his men and the demands of the corporate owners.  When violence breaks out between the two sides, Jack realizes that playing the middle man has put him in a precarious position.

     And when his cousin comes to town to threaten everything that matters, Jack is stunned to realize that Justine is more important than he could have imagined.  But will he be able to accept the love of a prostitute before everything is destroyed?

Daughter of the Demimonde
(Book 1 of The Demimonde Trilogy)

​  It is 1910, and the city of Butte, Montana is on its way to becoming one of the wealthiest cities of America.  The success of the silver and copper mines has drawn a number of young men in search of fortune and glory.  Not surprising, a number of women followed these men in search of their own fortune, and thus the Demimonde was formed.  

      Cathleen Ainsley grew up admiring the strength and independence of her mother, a powerful madam in the red light district of Butte.  And when the newly formed Bureau of Investigation sends the irresistible Kane Malone to Mercury Street to investigate allegations of human trafficking in the parlor houses, Cat is eager to prove her mother's honest heroism.  His charm and conviction capture her heart, and she agrees to assist with the investigation.  It is her close and personal look at the underbelly of the red light district that causes her to question everything she thought she knew about herself and her mother.  And in an effort to protect her mother's innocence, she may end up sacrificing her own.

Triple Threat
(Book 3 of The MaCall Prophecy Trilogy)

​  Theodora Archer was never told of the prophecy that predicted she would one day change the face of the nation.  Nor was she warned that a group of powerful men would stop at nothing to destroy her.  But Teddie is no longer a child and can no longer be sheltered from the savage world in which she lives.  And when she receives a vision that her childhood friend has been abducted, she flees the safety of her own city and finds herself immersed in a vicious world where the only code is to kill or be killed.  And while she has been fortunate enough to inherit her family's gift of sight, she also must figure out how to control her apparent power of mind control.

      Dominic Battaglia, her ruggedly handsome and brutally honest best friend, follows her out of the city in an effort to keep her safe (and also to prove that he's more than just a womanizer).  And although Teddie has loved him for four years, if she has any hope for a future at all--much less a future with him--she must first survive the threats of the refugees, the revolutionaries, and the group of elitests that want her dead.

Second Sight
(Book 2 of The MaCall Prophecy Trilogy)

​   Taryn MaCall should have been on the consult two years ago that joined the future of her family with Dr. Will Archer's.  Instead, she ended up on the side of the road with a busted radiator hose and an arrogant mechanic who spent more time admiring her legs than the broken hose.  

     Taryn has always considered herself a very practical woman burdened with very impractical visions.  And with a new threat against not only her sister's child but also her own life, she has no choice but to embrace this family curse if she has any hope of surviving the secret organization of powerful men who seem determined to destroy them.  And when Fate seems insistent on throwing her together with the gorgeous and rude mechanic, who is also a decorated Special Forces hero, she becomes convinced that the universe has another set of special forces working against her.  Nevertheless, she must remind herself that keeping the Archer child safe must be her first priorty, and keeping her heart safe must run a close second.

(Book 1 of The MaCall Prophecy Trilogy)

Jac MaCall is the eldest daughter of a wealthy and brilliant security consultant.  She, however, has chosen a different life for herself, running a new age store that specializes in selling crystals, candles, and aromatherapy that enable people to tap into their subconscious awareness.  But when Dr. Will Archer's office is vandalized by a dangerous organization threatening his life, fate sends Jac in as a consultant for her father's business to update his security and provide additional protection.  The old adage about opposites attracting proves true the moment Will opens his door and finds the exotic beauty standing in yoga pants while lecturing him on his security system and asking questions better left to the police.  In time, Will and Jac learn that a prophecy involving the firstborn child of Will Archer has an extremist miltant group fearful enough that they will not stop until Will and his unborn child are destroyed.  And when Jac gets a vision of her own future with the irresistibly uptight Dr. Archer, it becomes evident that she will play a bigger role in this prophcy than anyone had imagined...and Will Archer's enemies soon include her as a threat to their future.

Inner Moonlight

Elena Mazur is the perfect wife.  Having met and fallen in love with her husband when they were only fourteen, she has dedicated nearly sixteen years to trying to be the woman she felt he deserved.  Now approaching thirty, she gradually begins to realize that she has cultivated a fairly miserable life for herself.  But before she can untangle all of the knots, a devastating accident takes the life of her husband.  She flees to a run-down lakeside cottage and struggles with the relief she finds in her newfound freedom and the guilt she feels over the loss of her perfect husband.  And her mixed feelings become even more complicated when she realizes that her husband's cousin and childhood friend lives across the lake.  While she cannot deny the attraction she has felt toward this man since they shared a passionate kiss as teenagers, she knows that her husband would never forgive her for acting on that attraction.  So does she continue attempting to live up to the expectation as the perfect wife?  Or does she follow her inner moonlight?

Bonds of Matrimony

Lady Chastity Fairfax is a young noble woman who finds the restrictions of her life in England nearly impossible to stomach.  It is 1908, and she both envies the freedom that the men around her enjoy and resents them for the control they hold over her own life.  Desperate to become independent and free from the loathsome betrothal her father has arranged for her, Chastity boards the Mauritania to start fresh on the ranch of her brother in Texas.  Aboard the Mauritania, and in the guise of a young man, Chase meets the handsome Colton Webb.  Her initial attraction to his raw masculinity turns to disgust when she becomes privy to his chauvinistic philosophy of relationships between men and women.  And when she learns that he is both her brother's neighbor and rival, she shrewdly vows to punish making him fall in love with her.  For all her schemes, Lady Chastity hadn't planned on the passion she'd feel for Webb.  And she is devastated to realize that if she follows her own heart, she must give up her independence and succumb to the repugnant institution of marriage.

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