Carrigan Fox began developing her passion for writing during her gruesome middle school years, where the prospect of escaping into a world of her own making was infinitely more satisfying than that of the petty pre-teen dramas that baffled her.  When she was nineteen, someone had the audacity to suggest that she consider writing romance.  ​​​​​​​

Instead, her writing took a backseat to her budding teaching career, where she spent twelve years struggling to comprehend how someone couldn't love Dickens, Twain, and Wilde.  And with the ongoing shifts in education and her young child's constant reminders of the joys that life has to offer, Carrigan felt compelled to finally more aggressively pursue her passion for writing.  After all, she could hardly encourage her own child and her students to pursue their dreams unless she was doing the same.​​​​ 

And fifteen years after she snorted at the preposterous suggestion of writing romance, she decided to do exactly that...and she is loving it!